Seiler Family

Kelly’s father died suddenly in a tragic motorcycle accident when she was eight years old; her sister Kayla, just one. During Kelly’s teenage years, family life was rough and her Mom’s oldest sister suggested The Center. “We all knew something was not working. We needed to try something different. We were all going to attend even if we didn’t all feel it was needed.”

 Kelly recalls being a nervous and quiet 15 year old when she began attending group. “My favorite thing was that we all split up. Having our own group was perfect for us. My peers were talking about whatever was going on in teenage life, like getting a license, but we all had this thing in common that made whatever else we were going through feel ok.”

 Attending The Center was “the perfect bridge” for Kelly, Kayla and their Mom. “Before we had the benefit of our groups we would not discuss our Dad, our sadness or anything we were going through. But once we got involved we could count on our Thursday night ritual of McDonalds and our time at The Center.

 Today Kelly has a family of her own and shares warm reflections about The Center and its vital role in her life. “The Center rescued me at such an impressionable age, helped me figure out there were others like me and that it was ok that my story was a little different.”

 “Even if it’s been a few years since your loss it is still worth going to CGC. The flexibility is so accommodating, they meet you wherever you are with whatever you need. It’s not like entering a program but rather a space that just exists for whatever you need. No choice in your life is going to keep you safe from losing someone. Loss it the common denominator for all of us.” The Center is acceptance, strength and laughter.”

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