Sears Family

The Sears Family: Debra, Justyn, and Abi

Back in February of 2006, the Sears family started attending the Tender Living Care Program – a program for families facing a serious illness. The family attended this program because their Dad, Erik, had been diagnosed with cancer. In June of 2006, Erik died from his illness and the family began to attend The Center’s Bereavement Program.

Today, Debra and her 2 children – Justyn, age 9, and Abi, age 5 1⁄2, continue to come to The Center and find comfort in meeting with other families who are coping with a similar loss. Each Thursday night, the Sears family comes to The Center with joy in their eyes and a smile on their faces… they really look forward to coming each week to have time with their new friends and with all of the wonderful families and volunteers they have met throughout their time at The Center.

Abi loves her group. Abi was only 2 years old when her father died, so she doesn’t have too many memories from the time she had with her Dad. The Center helps her to remember her Dad & to honor him. Justyn found much comfort from meeting other children who have had a similar loss. He felt like he connected with the other children and was able to talk about his Dad in a way that he couldn’t with his school friends.

Each week after the children attend their group, it is like a weight has been lifted off of their shoulders and they feel like they leave a lot lighter than when they came. They feel lucky to be in such a great network of people and to have made so many wonderful friends. They recommend The Center to anyone who is experiencing an illness or grieving – it has made a huge difference for the Sears family.

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