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Sarah felt angry and alone at age 14 following her father’s death. He had suffered for eight months and died of colon cancer. Initially, she recalls being given a workbook of information as her first connection to The Center. She attended only a few times almost a year later and today emphasizes that it really changed her life.

Time at The Center helped Sarah understand that she wasn’t alone and she describes a spiritual connection she felt with others. One of her favorite things about The Center was that she always felt at home and compares that feeling to the comfort of walking into the warmth and safety of her Grandmother’s living room. “You are ok. Everything is ok.”

Sarah’s Mom was also struggling to cope and The Center really helped open a connection between them. Her Mother really benefitted from the support and learning how to break the ice with her teenager.

Years later, Sarah realizes that she suffered in denial for quite a while and even her short amount of time at The Center changed her path. She remembers just how angry she was and fears things might have gotten much worse without The Center’s support. Talking about her loss and learning how to be there for others was so important, “being there for other people who have gone through what I’ve gone through, really helps me.”

Sarah hopes others won’t be afraid to give The Center a try acknowledging that fear of the unknown can really be an obstacle, especially after a tragedy. “I would tell someone to give it a shot. Maybe that one time will have enough of an impact to make a difference. I’ve been alive longer without my father than I have with him. The power of The Center is what keeps me coming back – almost 20 years, still using resources.”

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