Libby Family

The Libby Family: Scott, Fiona, and Tracy

In February 2002, our family found out that our son, Camden, had a spinal cord tumor. Camden was our youngest; just sixteen days shy of his second birthday. He was fourteen months younger than Fiona, our daughter.

Our family was changed forever that day. We were immediately thrown into a state of turmoil and shock and breath-stealing anxiety. The tumor did not appear to be growing, but Camden’s symptoms worsened. Just three month after his diagnosis, we knew that Camden was not going to live a long life.

We cared for our son at home while so many friends in our lives helped us so that our family could all be together in our home. We had two of the most incredible, joyful, deeply personal, awe-inspiring and heart-breaking months of our lives in our home with Camden. Our sweet boy died in July, just five months after his diagnosis.

One of the nurses who regularly helped with Camden suggested that we join The Center for Grieving Children. For about eighteen months our family attended the weekly peer group meetings. We were each able to work with our grief in separate groups where we made strong and important connections with other people.

In the setting provided by the volunteers, we were each able to share openly, deeply and privately about our own range of emotions.

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