Bolster Family

In January 2010, Susan Bolster was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. The diagnosis was a complete shock to her family…she was living a normal, healthy life and was having no symptoms. Susan and her husband Jay quickly realized that they needed help talking to their two young daughters about her cancer diagnosis. The Center was there for her family as they went through the process of telling their daughters and other family members about her illness.

A few weeks after the diagnosis, The Bolsters started attending The Center’s Tender Living Care (TLC) program. The TLC program is a program for families facing a serious illness. They enjoy being with people who are going through similar struggles. When they are at The Center they no longer feel alone and are able to talk to other people who “get it”. Jay, the Dad, is in the caregivers’ group and he is able to learn from others and share his experience. He has been able to share a range of emotions from sadness to laughter.

The Bolster’s four year old daughter, Quinn, also attends The Center. Quinn loves coming to The Center and playing dress up and jumping in our huge pile of stuffed animals. She has made a lot of friends. She and her parents feel that The Center has helped to “normalize” things for Quinn.

The Center has given the Bolsters a community to be part of where they can come and work through their struggles. When they are at The Center, they feel supported and nurtured by the Tender Living Care program. They have been able to receive immediate support right from the point of diagnosis.

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