fall appeal 2022

fall appeal 2022

The Kabbashi Family

While I was overseas with my children helping to care for my parents who were battling medical issues, my husband was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer. We returned to America to care for him, and after a great deal of treatment, he was declared cancer free. We are a humble, peaceful, comedian-loving family, and our faith moved us every day, until the dark day came that the lion returned and the cancer came back. My husband and my children’s father died; our family’s umbrella and big tree was lost in March of 2018.  

Myself and my two children, Richie and Roda — then 4- and 5-years-old — decided to join what we now call Home, The Center for Grieving Children, at the suggestion of my close friends. Here, we found people who we were able to relate to and find trust and understanding among. The Center helped teach us how to cope with our huge losses. The facilitators welcomed us with open hearts. They accommodated us and continue to accommodate many more. While we showed up grieving and feeling sorrow and emptiness, we would always end the night full of love and relief. The Memorial celebrations at the Center were especially moving to us — giving every family a beautiful moment to express their loss.

My family’s grief journey would have been so much harder without the Center’s support, love, and care. Even during the most difficult times as a single mom, I never felt alone. I was able to help my children through their grief, and I gained confidence, friends, teachers, children, mothers, and fathers during my time at the Center. 

I feel I could never give back more than what I and my children have received, but I humbly invite you to join the Center’s family by making a gift today. Your support helps enable the Center to continue to bring peace and healing to families like mine, so that all who are grieving may find hope, love, and resilience in the wake of their loss. 

With love and gratitude,

Betty, Richie, and Roda 

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