Body Tracing

Body Tracing

For children:

Feelings can show up in all different places in our bodies and in a lot of different ways.  This idea can help you figure out what feelings you are having and what they feel like in your body.  You will need a big piece of paper and some crayons or markers.

Talk with your parent or another adult you trust about the different feelings that you are having.  Remember all your feelings are okay. Some feelings that people tell us they have when someone dies are sadness, anger, guilt, relief, happiness, love, confusion.

Ask the adult to trace your body or you can draw the outline of your body on the paper if you want to.

Remember times when you have had these different feelings, such as sadness and where you felt it in your body.  Put the sadness onto your traced body using words, colors, shapes and pictures. Go to another feeling and continue doing this through a whole range of feelings.

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