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One child/teen in seven will experience the death of a parent or sibling before the age of 20. When you add in other family members, friends and caring adults, the number just gets bigger.

Your gift ensures that the Center can continue to offer services for free, for as long as people need them.

There is nothing that prepares you for any of this, for the death of your child. We had just arrived at our hotel on vacation, when we received the call - our son Pete had drowned in the pool at his grandparents' house.

We had very dear neighbors who were so great to listen to us, and old family friends who would listen, but they could only listen for so long. At the Center you could say it over and over, "I had another bad day." It was a sharing. Talking and sharing is the way you surmount the grief. It's really about the peer piece, where you are all helping each other.

We found that the Center helped us, and we helped each other. If we didn't have the Center, we would have been trying to talk ourselves through the grief, and it's way too big.

Nearly 30 years later, here we are talking about the Center - because the Center was there for us, for our entire family. Helping us heal individually, as a couple, and for all of our children. We cannot believe how helpful the Center was, and still is.

Annie & Andy Stickney, former bereavement participants

*If you would like to make a gift of stock, please contact Kristina Powell at or 207.775.5216.


To protect something highly unusual in today's world: Free service, without time limits.

$2500 pays for service for a family for a year

$1000 pays for service for a child for a year

$500 allows us to support a school's grief crisis

$250 provides training for a peer-group facilitator

$100 supports an initial meeting with a family

$50 pays for transporting students in our Interculturall Peer Support Program

$25 provides one evening of grief support for a child

Questions? Call (207) 775-5216 or email