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Because of people like you, the Center is here. 

Because without the support they need, young people living with the loss of a parent or close caregiver, especially, are more likely to suffer from anxiety or depression, have problems in school, abuse alcohol and drugs, and die by suicide.It’s hard to find effective, compassionate grief support for young people. And that’s scary.

That's why your gift to the Center this year is essential. 


Your generous donation will help us keep our services for families free.

  • We will provide peer support, outreach, and education to over 4,000 children and families as they discover their resilience recover their hope
  • We will provide immediate grief support by phone to more than 1,000 callers
  • We will train, supervise, and support at least 200 volunteers who will give the Center more than 20,000 donated hours of service
  • We will provide education and grief support -- sometimes in the immediate aftermath of a sudden death -- for an estimated 100 schools, businesses, and other organizations. 

 Thank you!


To protect something highly unusual in today's world: Free service, without time limits.

$2500 pays for service for a family for a year

$1000 pays for service for a child for a year

$500 allows us to support a school's grief crisis

$250 provides training for a peer-group facilitator

$100 supports an initial meeting with a family

$50 pays for transporting students in our Multicultural Peer Support Program

$25 provides one evening of grief support for a child

Questions? Call (207) 775-5216 or email