O’Connell-Sowada Story

Kristen is grateful to have found the Young Adult program following Nate’s death in 2005. In her early 20’s she had lost the love of her life suddenly and was feeling quite lost herself. “We had been together so long with so many plans it was like I became a widow before I was even married.”

For the 3 years Kristen attended, she looked forward to her weekly time at The Center as it gave her a sense of groundedness she craved.  “I knew I was in a safe place. I liked how we lit a candle to begin. It helped everyone get centered. It’s all about being connected. The Center provides hope because you know you are not alone.”

Today Kristen and her husband have recently welcomed their third child and she remains close with her dear friend she met attending the Young Adult group.

She reflects, “If not for The Center, I wouldn’t have the relationship or the friendships I have today. Attending The Center was my first realization that there is a place to go to get help. I was trying to fix my own problems. If you are skeptical give it a try, one time. You can’t help but to keep coming back.”

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