Tender Living Care

Helping Families Cope with Serious Illness

From the point of diagnosis the Tender Living Care (TLC) Program provides social and emotional support for the whole family affected by a life-impacting illness. Groups meet weekly in the Center’s Portland, Maine facility, and are open to children and teens ages 3-18 years, the adult experiencing the illness, and the caregiver in the family. We welcome families who are navigating any life-impacting illness diagnosis. Groups are free of charge and families are welcome to attend for as long as needed.

Groups for Children and Families

Children’s groups are broken out by appropriate age and developmental milestones so each child is with a group of similar peers. Adults with illness and caregivers meet in their own groups at the same time as the children so the whole family can attend together. Each peer support group is facilitated by trained volunteer facilitators who are supervised by clinical staff. Facilitators incorporate art, music, talking, and play into their work with children.

Group members find TLC is a safe place where common issues and feelings can be explored. For adult participants, in addition to social and emotional support, TLC can also assist in finding sensitive ways to communicate with your children about the challenges and loss that come with a diagnosis of serious illness.

Community Support and Education

Center staff is available via phone and email to answer questions and concerns around supporting children dealing with a family member’s life-impacting illness. We offer resources, information, and counseling referrals as needed.

Staff also present to schools, community organizations, workplaces, and conferences about the changes and loss that comes with families impacted by serious illness.

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Group Meeting Schedules

For more information about our peer support groups in Portland and Sanford, please get in touch with us using our contact information below.

Portland Group Schedule

  • Monday Evening: Tender Living Care
  • Tuesday Evening: Bereavement
  • Tuesday Evening: Young Adult
  • Wednesday Evening: Bereavement
  • Wednesday Evening: Bereaved Parents
  • Thursday Evening: Widow / Widower / Partner
  • Thursday Evening: Young Adults

Location: 555 Forest Ave, Portland, ME

Sanford Group Meeting Schedule

  • Wednesday Evening: Bereavement Support

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(207) 775-5216
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