Creating Healing Communities For Children

Since 1997, the Intercultural Peer Support Program has collaborated with local schools and others to serve children who have resettled in Portland from countries that experienced war, conflict, and natural disaster.  Intercultural Peer Support promotes healing from grief and contributes to school success by increasing children’s coping skills, building positive peer relationships, improving self-confidence and supporting the acquisition of English language skills.

At the Center, with trained community volunteers supervised by clinical staff and a peer support model, children express their feelings relative to the loss and changes in their lives. Creative expressions through artwork, theater games and music help our participants create a healing community with opportunities for meaningful contributions. The result is greater emotional balance, healing and confidence, which can enhance school performance and positive youth development.


Rise Up to Change

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Love Makes Things Better

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Amazing People

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Group Meeting Schedules

For more information about our peer support groups in Portland and Sanford, please get in touch with us using our contact information below.

Portland Group Schedule

  • Monday Evening: Tender Living Care
  • Tuesday Evening: Bereavement
  • Tuesday Evening: Young Adult
  • Wednesday Evening: Bereavement
  • Wednesday Evening: Bereaved Parents
  • Thursday Evening: Widow / Widower / Partner
  • Thursday Evening: Young Adults

Location: 555 Forest Ave, Portland, ME

Sanford Group Meeting Schedule

  • Wednesday Evening: Bereavement Support

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(207) 775-5216
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