Join us as an Intercultural Peer Support Program Facilitator!

Join us as an Intercultural Peer Support Program Facilitator!

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Program Summary

Since 1997, CGC’s Intercultural Program has addressed issues of individual and collective loss for youth, meeting our mission of providing support that encourages the safe expression of grief and loss. Intercultural youth and their families share a profound experience of grief and loss due to the deaths of loved ones, collective experience of war and conflict, and destruction of natural support systems. Coupled with emotional and social stressors they face through resettlement, these experiences may significantly impact children and their families.

Intercultural Peer Support Groups: During the academic year,in collaboration with Greater Portland area schools, intercultural youth attendafternoon programmingat the Center.  The weekly groups include discussion, interactive activities, creative projects, and skill building, with a focus on creating healthy community and safe expression.

Volunteer as a facilitator: Volunteers make all of the Center’s programming possible. As an Intercultural Program volunteer, you will help with facilitating afternoon weekly peer support groups. Excellent training and support are provided throughout your service. Join us for the unique opportunity to help create a safe, healing, and playful community.

We request our Intercultural Program Volunteers commit to four hours, one afternoon a week (Monday-Friday) between October and June. Volunteers must complete Center training, including Intercultural Training offered each fall. The Center welcomes all interested volunteers and strives to recruit volunteers who reflect the diversity of the children served in this program.

Interested? Please contact Beth Quinlan, or call 207-775-5216 to register for an orientation.

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