Hope Starts in Little Sparks

Hope Starts in Little Sparks

April 29, 2020  

Dear Center Family,  

Though we are all part of a family in some framework, you may still feel you are alone.   

Our hope starts in little sparks and builds upon the resilience we all naturally have. Research shows that the better adults within families do, the better the children do. We are here to support you and your family. Keep that in mind as you do everything to support yourself.  

I was talking to someone recently who said he’d received a phone call from someone he hadn’t talked to in twenty years. This time of isolation was a chance to reconnect for that person. These are the important things to think about right now: small, little steps.  

At the Center, holding hands and hugs, such sweet and normal gestures, are all so different now. Our small, little step is that we are now supporting our families in a virtual world. We are grateful to make this happen. We are thankful for our Board’s leadership, our facilitator’s hearts, and our staff’s creativity and hard work. We are forever grateful for the trust of our families.
We invite you to view and read recent media coverage –  

WGME: Center for Grieving Children offers online support during coronavirus pandemic.

Portland Press Herald: Maine Acts of Kindness: Peer support groups provide an online ‘lifeline’ to members.  

But let’s not forget that things were happening in our community before this. There are still suicides, there is still a high incidence of overdose loss, and for those who are struggling with losses like these, this pandemic is yet another layer, upon which this is going to be an extra struggle.  

The Center is here at this time to continue to support our community. We are here for you!

Anne Heros, Executive Director
Julie Grosvenor, MD, Board President
Mary Larkin, Vice President
Kevin Chase, Treasurer
Robert Baldacci, Secretary
William Kany, At Large, Executive Committee
Shikha Vasaiwala, At Large, Executive Committee

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