Community Webinars

Community Webinars

Date: December 31, 2021

Where: The Center for Grieving Children

Our hearts are with you during this difficult time when so many are grieving due to Covid-19. Together, we will stay true to our mission – providing a safe space, loving peer support, outreach, and education to grieving children, teens, families and the community.

Below we have compiled interviews and webinars we have hosted to support our families and the community during this uncertain time. We will continue to update this page as new webinars happen, so please check back frequently for additional recordings.

“Supporting Grieving Children at Home and School”. The Center for Grieving Children invites parents and educators to join the Center’s Assistant Director of Bereavement Services, Mary Bristol, LCSW and Bereavement Services Coordinator, Sara Asch, ET, MA in a discussion on how to support children at home and in school who are experiencing grief, trauma and difficult challenges. Information will be based on Mary and Sara’s expertise, as well as the Center’s 30+ years of supporting families and children who are experiencing life changing situations.

“Autism 101 and Grief“. Join Lisa Morgan, M.Ed. CAS, in a discussion on autism and supporting autistic children and adults who are experiencing grief, trauma, and crisis situations. The Autism Crisis Support Toolkit Lisa has developed is included during this presentation.

Children & Grief – Beyond the Basics“. Center staff members Janice Zurlo, York County Coordinator, Jamie Schwellenbach, Tender Living Care Program Coordinator, and Marie Sheffield, Intercultural Peer Support Training Specialist provide a deeper understanding of the complexities of children’s loss within the context of their environment, and the pandemic, and how to support them as they move through grief, loss, and change.

Burying a Loved One During a Pandemic“. Christine Rousselle, DC Correspondent at Catholic News Agency and Julie Ann Johnson, Funeral Director and General Manager at A.T. Hutchins join together for a conversation on the painful realities of planning a funeral and burying a loved one during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the loving support needed to begin the healing process.

Interview with Tory Riden from the Great Reboot with the Center’s Executive Director, Anne Heros, discussing the work the Center has always done, and the shift made during these particularly stressful times of social distancing to keep serving grieving families and children; a time when the feeling of grief seems to freeze in place for those struggling. Our history is rich, as are the families and children we serve. However, one thing that always remains is our families and children are not alone on their journey to healing from grief. Please watch this comprehensive interview to learn more about the work we are committed to keep doing.

  • “Intercultural Perspectives”. Led by Claudette Ndayininahaze, the Center’s former Intercultural Program Manager and Marie Sheffield, Intercultural Peer Support Training Specialist, this webinar explores the needs of youth and families who have resettled locally from countries experiencing war, persecution and resettlement, and have experienced death of family members and the collective loss of their communities. This session shares culturally sensitive strategies to create a healing community for Intercultural youth and their families who have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and foster the development of belonging and individual and community resiliency.
  • “Facing Stigma”. Center consultant Christine Linnehan, LCPC, BC-DMT, FT presents Restorative Interventions for Fostering Resilience in Children, Teens, and Families after Suicide Loss or Overdose. This webinar focuses on a restorative, trauma and bereavement-informed approach designed to address the impact of stigma on the grieving process and the overall well-being of the bereaved after a suicide or overdose loss. Christine explores practical and creative strategies as well as mind/body practices that can help the bereaved cope with the interplay of trauma and grief reactions; counteract shame and secrecy; and envision a path toward resilience, hope, and posttraumatic growth.
  • How to Navigate Stress in Isolation”. Our sincere gratitude to former Board President and facilitator Patrick Veroneau, M.S. of Emery Leadership Group for leading this timely webinar on coping with stress and building resiliency during uncertain times.

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