Center Community Webinar: Reflective Listening

Center Community Webinar: Reflective Listening

Date: October 25, 2021

Where: Join us via zoom from 3:30-5p.m. EST

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Reflective Listening is a key component of the Center’s grief and loss peer support model. Join Sara Asch, Bereavement Services Coordinator at the Center and Steve Hart, 18 year volunteer facilitator in a discussion on the foundations of reflective listening. We will delve into why it is at the core of the Center for Grieving Children’s model and how it can be a useful tool when working with any form of loss, in many environments and relationships. Those new to reflective listening will gain a toolbox that will help ease conversations with those who are grieving, and all workshop attendees will gain understanding of the practical use of reflective listening, enriched by insights gained through its application at the Center for Grieving Children.

By attending this workshop, participants will:

1. Be able to identify at least four traits of reflective listening
2. Be able to name at least three ways in which reflective listening is impactful.
3. Become familiar with how to respond to body language, artwork, and physical movement using reflective listening skills.

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