My House

My House

For the whole family:

This activity allows every member of your family to come together, explore, and express the range of feelings that each of you has experienced at different times and in different places over the course of this past year at home.  It also helps you to understand the emotions that those in your family have experienced.

– ruler and white drawing paper
– utensils for drawing and coloring

1. Using the ruler, have each member of your family draw a floor plan of the place you call home. A floor plan is a diagram of rooms as if you are looking down from above. If your home has more than one story, draw a floor plan for each level.  Work together with your family members if you need help drawing.
2. Consider some of the recent feelings that you have had.  Look at the rooms and think about the feelings that you may have felt while in each of them.  Try to represent those feelings in each room by writing the name of the feeling, coloring with a color that expresses that feeling, or drawing an image/symbol that represents that feeling. 
3. If you want, share your drawing or part of it with your family. 

Talk about with your family
– Are there any similarities between your drawings?  Are certain feelings felt more often in certain rooms?
– Is there a room in your house where you feel most comfortable feeling sad or angry?
– Is there a room in your house that is comforting or uplifting to you?
– Where do you spend the most time with other members of your family?
– If each of your rooms could speak, what might they say?
– If your house could ask for something, what might it want?
– If you could ask your house for something, what might you say?

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