Read Across America Day!

In celebration of Read Across America Day, we are excited to share a read-aloud of three wonderful picture book stories that were written by past participants in the Intercultural Program.  Fourth and fifth grade students from Talbot Elementary School wrote these stories together at the end of their program-year at the Center.  We are incredibly grateful for amazing facilitator, Hannah Towers, and her friend, Genevieve Myers, for taking the time to read these stories and help us celebrate Read Across America Day!

Cuddle up with your little one and listen to one or all three!

The Stores: (click on each to access)

  1. The Story of the Yellow House
  2. The Pirates and the Ninjas
  3. The Curse Returns
Thanks to the boundless imagination of our students in our Intercultural Program, our artist-in-residence, Anne Sibley O’Brien for making this amazing project and illustrations possible, and Hannah Towers and Genevieve Myers for reading these aloud to share their magic with readers everywhere.

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