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Training and Consultation

The Center for Grieving Children is a leader in the field of children's grief support and the use of the Volunteer Peer Support Model, including peer support with an intercultural population and families facing serious illness.  Our experienced and knowledgeable staff provides training and consultation to other children's grief support programs, summer camps, hospice workers, schools, health care providers, churches and other youth serving organizations.


Speak directly with one of our trainers to answer your specific questions and concerns.  Consultation is available for $125 an hour.

"Fantastic, I have experienced and lead many workshops and trainings my whole professional career—this is among the most thoughtful, intentional, compassionately and competently delivered  that I have ever participated in.  Thank you" -- Jim Douglas Androscoggin Home Care and Hospice

Training for your Site

We will travel to your site, locally or nationally and deliver a professional, engaging and informative training that is customized to meet your goals and objectives.  Common topics include

  • Understanding and supporting grieving children and teens
  • Helping families facing serious illness
  • Reflective Listening 
  • Peer support model
  • Crisis planning for schools and other organizations
  • The impact of grief on the workplace
  • Group facilitation skills
  • The purposeful use of activities with groups
  • Complete volunteer training in the peer support model
  • Collective loss such as war and natural disaster
  • Intercultural approaches to grief and loss
  • The use of art and expressive modalities with children and groups

We look forward to customizing a training to meet your needs.  Please contact Florence Young, our Director of Programs, for more information at (207) 775-5216 or email her at

Meet our staff


If you are looking for information to become a peer-support group facilitator at the Center, click here.


"This training made me more aware of how I deal with grief, what's helpful, and what makes me feel more comfortable. Being aware of these things is going to help me with dealing with death within my job in the future."

"I could not have been more impressed with the integrity of The Center for Grieving Children, the training and the staff."

"Getting us together to talk about grief with colleagues from all levels of our organization was a reminder that we are all humans, not just workers in a department."