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Crisis Response

Crisis Response Services

The Center for Grieving Children provides crisis response services when a school or community is impacted by the sudden death or serious illness of one of its members.  With the right supports in place, a time of tragedy can also be a time of strengthening community and embracing diversity.  Crisis services are available primarily in York and Cumberland Counties.  Please call us to discuss your specific situation, and coordinate a response plan

Consultation and Phone Support

We can assist you in responding to the death of a student at your school over the phone.  We provide guidance on talking to staff, students and parent; refer you to other resources in your area; and help you understand the needs of various age groups.

On-site Consultation and Education

When possible and if needed, staff will travel to your school and provide assistance to teachers and administrators in the event of a death or serious illness.  This is an opportunity for faculty to ask questions, plan their response and identify unmet needs for the school community. Center staff can also be present and assist staff as they notify students of the death/illness, help staff field questions from students, and help school staff in supporting the students and families in the event the school decides to hold a community meeting.


Helpful Information

For more information or for crisis support, please call (207)775-5216 or email us at to be directed to the appropriate person.

We can customize trainings for your setting and provide crisis planning. 

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