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Books for Adults about Serious Illness

Resources for Serious Illness: Adults

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A Death in the Family  Alsopt, P. / Harley, B.

In the Hospital:  A Guide for Parents, Nurses, and Others Who Care. This book helps professionals relate to and understand adults during this difficult time.   It is an institutionalized paperback book published by a group of experts.

American Cancer Society When Your Brother or Sister Has Cancer  A Pamphlet that aids parents ways to explain the illness to children.

American Cancer Society Helping Children Understand A guide for a parent with Cancer: This Pamphlet deals with siblings that may have Cancer.  It is a guidebook for family members that parents can share.  IT is not a "Children's Book"

American Cancer Society Kids First Cookbook Some delicious and Nutritious treats children can make.  The book is colorful and fun.

Anthony, Silvia The Discovery of Death in Childhood & After

Bass, E., Davis, L The Courage to Heal

Bhakti, S. Listening with the Heart

Bolton, I  My Son...My Son

Bonn, R. & McCue, K.How to Help Children Though a Parent's Serious Illness The title says it all.  This book is a practical guide that addresses how parents and caregivers can help children feel, grieve and be part of the dealing with the parent's illness.  Starting with how to explain a illness to children of all different age groups all the way through to final communications, the author does a great job dealing with these issues and other special family and medical circumstances such as single household and mental illness.

Borg, S. & Lasker, J. When Pregnancy Fails

Borysenko, J. Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson

Brite, M. Hearts in Motion, Minds at Rest

Brooks, A. The Grieving Time

Braden, Majel Grief Comes to the Classroom

Cantor, R. A Time to Live, Harper Row

Cassini & Rogers Death and the Classroom

Clark, M.B.  Are You Weeping With Me, God

Cohn, J. I Had a Friend Named Peter

Cohen, M. Dirty Details; The Days and Nights of a Well Spouse

Coleman, W.L. When Someone You Love Dies

Colgrove, M. How to Survive the Loss of a Love

Conley, B., Howard, K. Handling the Holidays, COPE

Cook, A. /Dworkin, D.  Helping the Bereaved, Basic Book

Corr, Charles A., /Joan McNeil Adolescence & Death

Corr, Charles A. Death: Completion & Discovery,

Coughlin, R. Loving

Dawson, S. & Harris L. Adventure in the Land of Grief

Doil, A. Bereavement

Douglas, E. K. Living With The End in Mind  "A practical checklist for living life to the fullest by embracing your mortality."  This book is written for those living with an illness and those in good health.  The advise in this book can help prepare a person emotionally, physically and spiritual with end of life issues.  It is an upfront look at death and ways you can prepare for the event that can happen before and after death.

Edelman, H. Motherless Daughters Emswiler, M  & Emswiler, J.

Guiding Your Child Through Grief It is written by the founders of the New England Center for Loss & Transition.  It is good books discussing the many ways children grieve, often in secret.  The changes in family dynamics after death and effective ways to ease transition.  They discuss ways to communicate with children about death.  It is insightful and informational, showing adults ways to help a child heal.

Eppinger, P. Restless Mind, Quiet Thoughts

Erickson, Stephanie Companion Through The Darkness

Estes, W. M. Another Part of the House

Farrant, A.  Sibling Bereavement

Felder, L. When A Loved One is Ill

Fitzgerald, Helen The Grieving Child

Frain, Taylor, Ernest Coping with Sudden Infant Death,

Frey, V.L. Part of Me Died Too, Dutton

Furman, E. A Child's Parent Dies

Gill, D. Quest: The Life of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Gliko-Braden, M. Grief Comes to Class

Golden, T.R. Swallowed by a Snake

Goldman, Linda A Guide to Help Grieving Children

Goldman, Linda Breaking the Silence, Helping children with Complicated Grief

Grollman, E. Talking About Death

Gordon & Kloss They Need to Know

Graves, S. and S. Williams Holiday Help

Grollman, E. When Your Loved One is Dying

Grollman, E.A. Concerning Death: A Practical Guide for the Living

Grollman, E.A. Explaining Death to Children

Grollman, E.A. Living: When a Loved One Has Died

Grollman, E.A. Straight Talk About Death For Teens

Grollman, Earl Talking About Death: Dialogue Between Parent and Child

Hagley, N. The Final Season

Harpham, W.S. After Cancer

Harpham,W. S.  M.D. When a Parent Has Cancer: A Guide to Caring for Your   Children  A mother, physician, and cancer survivor who had three children writes this book. She offers helpful advise about how to raise healthy children while a parent is struggling with a life-threatening illness.  She encourages talking to children honesty about the illness and helps parents lay the groundwork to helping children cope with the illness.

Harris, M. The Loss that is Forever

Heart, R.D.  Healing Grief: A Mother's Story

Hellman, D. Let Go, My Love

Holbert, E.M. The Memory Quilt

Hospice of East Alabama Medical Center Answers to a Child's Questions about Death It is a small soft covered pamphlet.

Huntley, T.  Helping Children Grieve

Ingper, R. / Millonie, B. Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to   Children

James, J. Windows

Jarrett, C.L. Helping Children Cope With Separation and Loss

Jensen, H. Healing Grief

Jewett, C.L. Helping Children Cope With Loss

Johnson, Joy Keys to helping Children deal with Death & Grief

Johnson, J. Suicide of a Child

Johnson, J.  Why Mine

Krementz, J. How it Feels When a Parent Dies

Kubler-Ross, E. The Final Stages of Death

Kuklin, S. After A Suicide, Putnam

Kubler & Ross On Children and Death

LaFountain, W.   Setting Limits...Parents, Kids & Drugs

Lagorio, J.  Life Cycle

LaTour, K. For Those Who Live

Leder, J.M. Dead Serious

Leininger, L., Ilse, S. Grieving Grandparents

LeShan, E. Learning to Say Goodbye: When a Parent Dies

Levine, S.Healing Into Life and Death

Mandala Book Circle Book A leaders handbook for conducting circle-time

Mannes, M. Last Rights

McCracken & Semel A Broken Heart Still Beats

McCue, K How to Help Children Through a Parent's Serious Illness

Miller, J The Caregiver's Book; Caring for Another, Caring for Yourself Compassionate exploration of the caregiver's role, feelings, and experiences.  Practical, affirming suggestions for renewing strength and hope.  Words of inspiration from the Bible, literature, and great thinker through the age.  Beautiful full-color nature photographs that speak of love and hope.

Moffat, M.J. In the Midst of Winter

McCue, K. How to Help Children Through A Parents Serious Illness

National Institute of Health When Someone in your Family has Cancer A Practical guidebook.

Nearing, H. Light on Aging and Dying

Newton, M. Adolescence

Oates, M.Death in the School Community

Osgood, J. Meditations for the Widowed

O'Toole, D. Growing Through Grief

Papenbrock & Voss Children's Grief

Pipher, M. Reviving Ophelia

Rice, R. A Time to Mourn

Roberts & Johnson, J. Thank you For Coming to Say Goodbye

Rudolf, M. Should the Children Know?

Schaffer, D. & Christine L. How Do We Tell the Children

Schiff, H. S. The Bereaved Parent

Schiff, H.S Living Through Mourning

Staudacher, C. Men and Grief

Stein, S.B. About Dying

Strauss L. What about Me?  A blue colored book for teenage children of Cancer patients...It is written in an adult manner.

Tagliaferre, L. & Harbaugh, G. Recovery from Loss

Temes, R. Living With An Wmpty Chair

Traisman, E. S. A Child Remembers

Traisman, S. Fire in My Heart Ice in My Veins

Trina, Paula Hope for the Flowers A tale partly about life...partly about revolution and lots about hope.   It is for adults and includes caterpillars that can read!

Weinhaus, E. Stop Struggling with Your Teen

Williams, K. A Parent's Guide For Suicidal & Depressed Teens

Wipfler, P. Listening to Children

Wolfelt, A. A Child's View of Grief

Wolfelt, Alan Helping Children Cope With Grief

Wolfelt, Alan Healing Your Grieving Heart for Kids 100 practical ideas, simple advice and activities for children after a death    Nice book for parents, easy to read through.

Wolfelt, Alan Healing Your Grieving Heart For Teens 100 practical ideas, simple advice and activities for teens after a death.... Nice book for parents, easy to read through

Worden, W.  Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy

Zunin, L. The Art of Condolence:  What to write, What to say, What to do, At a time of loss


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