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Books for Teens about Grieving

Resources for Grieving: Teens

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Alex, The Life Of A Child by Frank Deford. Viking : 1983.
Alexandra Deford was just eight years old when she died in 1980 following a battle against cystic fibrosis.

Beat The Turtle Drum by Constance Greene. Dell : 1978.
The heartwrenching story of how a young girl comes to terms with her sister's death. Teens.

Blew And The Death Of The Mag by Wendy Lichtman. Firestone : 1975. Blew uses the Mag for strength and guidance. It is the ideal friend. She discovers all of those same qualities in herself and lets the Mag go.

The Boy Who Sat By The Window: Helping Children Cope With Violence by Chris Loftis. New Horizon : 1997.
Based on a real incident, it uses free verse to tell the story of a boy who has been shot and killed while riding his bike to work.

Caretakers of Wonder by Edens Cooper. Green Tiger Press : 1980.
Wonders of nature.

Dead Serious A Book For Teenagers About Teenage Suicide by Jane Mersky Leder. Avon : 1978.
Written to help teens cope with suicide.

Death and Grief by Marge Heegaard.: 1990.
Designed to help explain death and grief to young adults.

A Death In The Family by James Agee. Bantam : 1967.
Close knit family dealing with the death of their father.

A Fine And Private Place by Peter S. Beagle. Ballantine : 1960.
This classic tale is a journey between the realms of the living and the dead, and the eternal power of love.

Fire In The Heart, Ice In My Veins: A Journal For Teens Experiencing A Loss by Enid Samuel Traisman. Centering Corporation : 1992.This is a journal that encourages teenagers to work through thier grief in a creative and healthy way.

A Girl Named Disaster by Nancy Farmer. Puffin : 1996.
A modern-day Shona girl who flees her village rather than marry a cruel man to placate an avenging spirit. Spirits are master players in this story, and to Nhamo they mean life or death.

Hurting Yourself by Joy Johnson. Centering Corporation : 1993.
For young people who have attempted suicide or intentionally injured themselves. Talks about feelings, depression, anger, guilt and blame, pressures and taking care of yourself and getting help.

I Heard The Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven. Dell : 1973.
It tells of a young vicar named Mark, sent to a remote Kwakiutl Indian village not knowing he has less than three years to live.

I Remember, I Remember by Enid Traisonian. Centering Corporation : 1992.
A guide to expressing thoughts on grief and emotions. Thought provoking questions for teens to answer for themselves.

I Want to grow hair, I want to grow up, I want to go to Boise: Children surviving Cancer by Erma Bombeck. Harper and Row: 1989. A collection of stories about children fighting to beat the odds and survive cancer. A heartwarming work which showcases the hope and humor of these brave individuals.

The Islanders by Cynthia Rylant. DK Ink : 1998.
Orphaned after the death of his parents, Daniel goes to live with his grandfather on a remote island off the coast of British Columbia.

Just a Heartbeat Away: When a Mother Dies of Aids. by Gabriel Constons. 1996.
A young woman's story of her mother's illness and death from AIDS.

Kids on the Inside Looking out After Loss by William Steele MA MSW.
Kids Rights : 1994 Results of studies done on the drawings and interviews with kids from 3-16. Teens

The Loved One by Evelyn Waugh. Laureleaf : 1948.
In Hollywood, at Whispering Glades, a full-service funeral home for departed greats, the mononymonous Mr. Joyboy and Aimee Thanatogenos fall in love...with each other and their work. He is chief embalmer, she a crematorium cosmetician. They spend their days contentedly prepping the loved ones for a final appearance.

Matter Of Time by Roni Schotter. Grosset/Dunlap : 1979.
Lisa is 16 and her mother is dying of cancer. Lisa learns about death and about herself.

Missing May by Cynthia Rylant. Bantam : 1992.
After Aunt May dies, Summer and Uncle Ob are brought together in their struggles to come to terms with the death.

The Monument by Gary Paulsen. Yearling : 1991.
Seedy, independent Mick arrives in Bolton, Kansas, to design its Vietnam Memorial.

Part of Me Died, Too: The Stories of Creative Survival Among Berieved Children and Teenagers. By Virginia L. Fry. 1995. Stories of children and teens who have survived the death of a loved one. The stories range from expected losses to complicated, unexpected losses. After each story the author offers creative survival strategies.

Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis. Collier : 1951.
Prince Caspian and his army of Talking Beasts conquer the Telmarines.

Sam's Secret Journal by Elizabeth Yates. Friendship Press : 1946.
Journal of a young boy who's best friend is dying.

Saturday Night Mulberries by Dorothy Ferguson. Centering Corporation : 1988.
A short story of the author's loss of her father to cancer.

The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis. Collier : 1970.
Prince Rilian is held captive and escapes from the Emerald Witch's underground kingdom.

Sounder by William Armstrong. Harper & Row : 1969.
When the African American sharecropper who has raised Sounder from a pup is hauled off to jail for stealing a hog, his family must suffer their humiliation and crushing loss with no recourse. To make matters worse, in the fracas, Sounder is shot and disappears.

Stone Pony by Patricia Calvert. Signet : 1983.
A shy, intellectual teenager who can't figure out how to deal with the death of her older sister, turns to horses.

Thank You For Coming To Say Goodbye by Janice L. Roberts. Centering Corporation : 1994.
Involving children in funeral services.

Thank You, Jackie Robinson by Barbara Cohen. Scholastic : 1989. An unusual friendship develops as a result of a mutual love for baseball and Jackie Robinson between a young boy and his mother's cook.

Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume. Dell : 1981.
After Davey's father is killed in a hold-up, she and her mother and younger brother visit relatives in New Mexico. Here Davey is befriended by a young man who helps her find the strength to corry on and conquer her fears.

Tilly by Frank Peretti. Crossways : 1988.
Kathy and Dan Ross are just like any other young couple. No one would ever imagine what secrets lie buried in their souls until Kathy is captivated by a simple name on a tiny gravestone that would change their lives forever.

Trying Hard To Hear You by Sandra Scoppettone. Bantam : 1974.
In this heartbreaking tale of love and prejudice, one single summer changes the lives of an entire community.

Walking Through The Fire by Laurel Lee. Henry Robbins : 1977.
Laurel Lee's journal contains the story of her ordeal with Hodgkin's disease & coping with her two children, pregnancy, and a husband who was fast becoming an "ex

Walks Two Moons by Sharon Creech. HarperCollins : 1994.
Thirteen-year-old Salamanca Tree Hiddle's mother has disappeared. While tracing her steps on a car trip from Ohio to Idaho with her grandparents, Salamanca tells a story to pass the time about a friend named Phoebe Winterbottom whose mother vanished and who received secret messages after her disappearance.

When a Friend Dies: A Book for Teens About Grieving and Healing by Marilyn E. Gootman, Ed D. Teens dealing with the loss of their peers.

When Jean Died by Julie Dretler. Judge Baker's Children's Center : 1991. Written firsthand by an eighth grade girl who suddenly loses her best friend.

Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. Bantam : 1961.
The story of a boy who, after earning enough money to buy two hounds, lose them both after one is badly injured by a mountain lion.