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Give in Memory

Give in Memory

Memorial and Honor Gifts

Gifts made in memory of a loved one are a special honor for the Center to receive. Those who give them say it's comforting to contribute to our support of children and families experiencing loss.

The Center also accepts tribute gifts that honor a living person or mark a special occasion such as a wedding, birth, anniversary, birthday, or graduation.

The Center will also send an acknowledgement of your gifts to the person or the family of the person whose life or occasion you memorialized or honored.

Questions? Call (207) 775-5216 or email .
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Star Memorial Wall Donation

Our Star Memorial Wall is a home for golden stars shining on a purple-tinged wall, in memory of loved ones. It is located at the Center in the room where families gather for an evening's opening circle.

The wall was inspired by the story, The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The little prince learns he can recall happy memories of a friend who has died by looking up at the night sky "as if all the stars were laughing."

For a donation of $250 or more, the Center will arrange to have a Memorial Star inscribed with the name of someone you want to memorialize. The star becomes a permanent part of the wall—a wall inside a building that can be filled with the emotions of grief but also happy memories and laughter. There's a lot of laughter heard at the Center at night, as if all our stars on our wall are laughing.

Purchase a star as an individual—like the child who did just that with the money she asked friends to give her as a birthday present—or with contributions from a group of people.

If you would like to purchase a star, or want additional ideas for doing so, please call the Center at (207) 775-5216 or email us at .