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One child/teen in seven will experience the death of a parent or sibling before the age of 20. When you add in other family members, friends and caring adults, the number just gets bigger.

Your generous donation will help us keep our services for families free.

Because without the support they need, young people living with loss or serious illness of a parent or caregiver are at greater risk for health problems like anxiety and depression, behavior disorders, substance abuse, and even suicide.

  • In peer groups, more than 580 children, teens, and adults will listen to and support one another along their individual grief journeys.

  • On the phone, our staff will guide and support more than 1,000 callers.

  • In more than 125 schools and workplaces, we will bring education, training, and crisis support to more than 500 young people and 1,600 adults.

  • Online, through our website and social media, at least 24,000 individuals will access our grief resources.

  • At our service sites in Portland and Sanford, volunteers will give more than 24,000 hours of time, facilitating grief-support groups, supporting Center events, and completing office projects.

Thank you!

*If you would like to make a gift of stock, please contact Kristina Powell at or 207.775.5216.


To protect something highly unusual in today's world: Free service, without time limits.

$2500 pays for service for a family for a year

$1000 pays for service for a child for a year

$500 allows us to support a school's grief crisis

$250 provides training for a peer-group facilitator

$100 supports an initial meeting with a family

$50 pays for transporting students in our Interculturall Peer Support Program

$25 provides one evening of grief support for a child

Questions? Call (207) 775-5216 or email