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Monica Gambilado

Intercultural Peer Support Program Coordinator

Monica Gambilado works as the Intercultural Peer Support Program Coordinator at the Center for Grieving Children in Portland, Maine. She is responsible for coordinating and delivering the peer support activities of the Intercultural program. Monica's past experience has been serving people and communities. Most recently, she was a residential behavioral technician and community case manager focusing on supporting individuals with a spectrum of learning, developmental, and mental health disabilities. She is originally from South Sudan, formerly known as Sudan. After living in Egypt for three years, she came to the United States as a refugee at the age of 12. She completed high school in Ellsworth, Maine, and graduated from the University of Maine, with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. 

She enjoys gardening, painting, sewing and being with her family. Monica loves nature, water and learning about all aspects of life, especially African history, the environment, and spirituality.
She loves the comfort and safety of the Center. "I like the genuineness that this place brings out in people, I liked the authenticity that this place provides. The Center feels like a community working together and I truly love that."

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