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Our Staff

Center for Grieving Children Staff


Anne Heros
Executive Director

Marie Sheffield
Intercultural Program Leader

Janice Zurlo
York County Coordinator

Sue Calhoun
Frontline Coordinator

Sara Asch
Bereavement Services Coordinator

Lisa Morin
Director of Philanthropy

Beth Quinlan
Volunteer Coordinator

Monica Gambilado
Intercultural Peer Support Program Coordinator

Diana Stark
Tender Living Care Coordinator

Rebecca Diggins
Assistant Director for Bereavement Services

Christine Patey
Communications & Development Associate

Deqa Dhalac
Intercultural Program Manager

Lucy Norvell
Development Manager

Julie Westerhouse
Office Manager

Florence Young
Director of Programs

Isobel Stanton
Communications Associate

Emma Walker
Corporate Sponsorship & Special Events Associate

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